Sunday, April 03, 2005

Beaumont blogs

Beaumont Events & Blogs
Special event listings, area blogs, media and Web sites of use for residents and visitors of Beaumont, Texas.

Conservative Manifesto
A conservative view on politics and life in America.

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?
Living in Beaumont, Texas on caffeine and margaritas, life in the fast lane.

Enevala says WHATEVA!!!

fadingray's Journal

Fayrouz in Beaumont
Iraqi news and culture discussions.

Fay's break room
A place to write fun stuff. A place to take a break from politics.

Fay's Catholic Thoughts
Spiritual thoughts and Catholic news.

Goodson for mayor
Mayoral campaign promotion blog of Guy Goodson.

In Action Photography

Jim Dedman
Jim Dedman, a 29-year-old Southeast Texas practicing attorney, produced a low budget independent film titled "Pleadings." Much of the blog is about the experience, but also discusses law and popular culture.

Looking for Dave
A twenty-something anti-groupie tells all about life with the band and failed attempts at achieving self-actualization.


My LapBand blog
My WLS Journal

My Thoughts
A summary of my daily thoughts.

Our Ordinary Life
Married mom of three great kids, softball coach, red head by choice (going on 15 years now) because it most definitely suits my personality - ask anyone.

Peaceful Tomorrows

Professional photojournalist discusses photojournalism and the eccentricities associated with gathering images for major U.S. daily newspapers.

PJ Glossary
A repository for photographic terms, formulas and biographies on photojournalists of importance. This blog is a supplement to the PhotoJournalism blog.

The electronic, disembodied version of Beaumont software developer Richard Tallent. Technology, emergent theology, .NET programming, digital photography, his own brand of moderate libertarian politics, and whatever else tickles his fancy.

Southeast Texas Food and Restaurants
Southeast Texas restaurant suggestions, reviews, comments, recipes, beer & wine tasting notes.

stories of a hopeless tragedy

The Beauty of Cynicism
Beaumont resident, 24, who has a hubby and 4 dogs. I'm totally in love with all of them so I'm sure a good bit of my stories will be about them.....all of them.

The Infamous Vettacini
I'm a truly twisted sister. A music loving die hard Bob & Tom fan with ridiculous random thoughts. Welcome to my nighmare!!!!!

The Lawyer's Drudge
Wang Chi's seperate blog for my less inflamatory thoughts on my day job-- legal news, the latest antics of the Texas judicial system, and so forth.

The Mighty, Mighty Neches
A mostly Beaumont-centric (Bomocentric?) collection of whatever flotsam and jetsam comes into my head - music, drinking, history, sports, politics, poetry. About 1/6th the gravity of a regular blog.

The Trash Palace
Author is the managing editor of news, business and photo for The Beaumont Enterprise. He's been in the newspaper business since 1985 and has worked in many Texas cities. He's run 14 marathons, plays trumpet and writes, performs, records and produces some seriously bad music.

Under the News
I am the managing editor for features, sports and presentation at the Beaumont (TX) Enterprise, a 60, 000-circulation daily newspaper. I am also the author of two novels "Angel Fire" and "The Deadline."

Wang Chi's House of Pancakes
My rambling ruminations as I drink the second bottle of wine. Don't expect too much. Hell, I don't even know why I do it. In vino veritas!

Warm puppies
My blog is about my views and opinions on animals, pets, and occasionally about my personally life but mainly it is about my love for animals.

Yifan's Blog
My online notebook.