Friday, May 16, 2008

Moved to Dallas

I moved to Dallas. Consequently, I must halt new entries and updates on this blog. This blog remains a good way to learn about Southeast Texas and offers many useful tools for anyone who is new to the area or plans to move to the area.

I plan to continue working on my daily PhotoJournalism blog and started a DFW events blog.

Helpful sections of this blog:

Events by month

Jan. | Feb. | March
April | May | June
July | Aug. | Sept.
Oct. | Nov. | Dec.

Regularly scheduled events
All events

Useful area links

Visitors Bureaus
Municipality Web sites
Educational resources
Locations within 60 miles
Locations within 60 - 120 miles
Area counties
Noteworthy locations within 100 miles
Other event lists

Area blogs are listed by city on the sidebar.

Thanks again for visiting,

-- Mark
PhotoJournalism blog



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